Aspire Biotech, Inc. was founded in 2001 by a group of experienced biomaterial scientists and medical device engineers.  We are a research and development company focused on improving medical devices through the development of superior biomaterials.  Our core competencies surround the development, formulation, testing, and application of specialty biomaterials. 

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Aspire Biotech, Inc. has a strategic partnership with Source Adhesive Company, one of the worlds largest suppliers of medical-grade cyanoacrylates. In conjunction with Source Adhesive, Aspire has the ability to offer you cyanoacrylate monomers, formulations, and blended cyanoacrylates. Customer needs and confidentiality are our top priorities; therefore, we pledge never to compete with our clients and do not manufacture finished cyanoacrylate medical devices. We can provide specialty blended or formulated cyanoacrylates made to your specifications and quality-assurance tested prior to your receipt as well as bulk cyanoacrylates shipped directly from the manufacturer. To inquire as to how Aspire can supply the type of cyanoacrylate you need, please "contact us" .

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